Before an idea or a concept turnes into mass production, an entire design process precedes.
Our team has the tools and the knowledge to guide you through all stages. We realize viable market ready products from sketch, this throughout a close partnership with our clients.

Designing a product is very much like designing a relationship, between people and their products. At our office we approach this product development process in four main stages.


First important step in our design process is the analysis. Before the development begins, our team starts a comprehensive user, product and market research. Obtaining a better understanding gives us the opportunity to innovate and create honest solutions.

Idea generation

Probably the most influential part of the product design process is generating the first ideas and communicate them through digital renderings. The outcome is a chosen concept that will be the starting point for the product development process.

Engineering and prototyping

Using 3D-CAD software as a tool, we engineer the individual parts ready for manufacturing. Testing various parts is done by using 3D simulations and prototyping. To create a product that’s efficient throughout the complete production process, our team is constantly making the transition between the design and existing manufacturing techniques.


After finalizing the market ready product, we provide all the technical 2D-drawings and 3D-files needed for production. More so we have built a wide network of providers in the industrie, in Europe and overseas. We will connect you to the right manufacturer and provide guidance.