The Studio

RAAK is a multidisciplinary design studio founded and led by designers Kasper De Backer and Robrecht Lambrechts. Our team is experienced in designing and developing consumer products, furniture, medical devices, user interfaces and brand identities. We provide a product design service from initial sketch to viable market ready product.

For several years our studio helped companies to drive innovation, identify opportunities and design meaningful products. Our global manufacturing expertise has helpt companies to streamline their operations.


All our collaborations are based on a close work-relationship where we aspire to co-develop on a personal level. Our main goal when cooperating is to translate the client’s ideas and requirements to functional manufacturing-ready products.

We enjoy working together with a wide range of clients worldwide, from startups to multinationals.

From early on Robrecht has been interested in creating. At High School he studied study Art and Architecture, continuing the search for his passion. When he decided to study Industrial Product design he came in contact with all the different aspects of Product Design.

Later on he went to New York City with great motivation to grow as a designer. During his stay he worked at Atlason, a multidisciplinary design studio in Manhattan. There he acquired an understanding in the relationship between objects and people in order to create valuable products.

Kasper has always been fascinated by objects surrounding him. His approach is characterised by intuition, combined with industrial knowledge and an esteem for pure and tactile materials.

Whilst still a student Kasper has had the opportunity to work at Doshi Levien, an internationally acclaimed design studio based in London. This experience helped him to sharpen his feeling for textures, proportions, colours and materials.