We are a multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2016. Specialised in product design and engineering and has experience expanding over different industries.

At our office in Belgium, your ideas become reality. We use the latest technology to create innovative industrial designs.






Together with our small, global team of designers and engineers ensures each project’s success. We blend diverse skills and perspectives to create innovative, user focused solutions.

The collaborative approach fosters creativity, flexibility, and better ideas, leading to high-quality outcomes.







Our broad experience spans over various industries, allowing us continuous opportunities for learning and refining our approach to the development process.

Whether developing a chair or luxury yacht, our focus / way of working remains consistent: prioritising the user and the manufacturability of the product.

Our ultimate aim is always to optimise efficiency and logic in every product we design.




Design Awards

Design innovation meets global recognition. Our boasts a collection of international design awards spanning diverse categories. From sustainability to technology, our award-winning projects showcase our commitment and care for creating great product for people by people.



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